Fascinated by Mazesoba, which originated in Nagoya, Takuma Ishikawa, founder of KOKORO (now CEO), opened his first shop in January 2014 in Ookayama, Ota-ku, Tokyo, with the desire to make the then little-known Mazesoba available to Tokyo residents.

The first shop was said to be in a difficult location for business, far from the nearest station (Ookayama Station), where many ramen stores had opened and disappeared, but it quickly established itself as a thriving shop thanks to its friendly customer service and outstanding products.

  • The first shop operated for about 7 years until the building was demolished. The origin of everything.

  • The original Mazesoba sparked the Mazesoba Boom.

  • A rare shot of founder Mr. Ishikawa in the early days of the company. At the Ookayama 1st shop.

  • Inside the first Downtown shop in North America, which recorded the highest sales.


Beginning of the Legend

・First shop opened in January 2014 in Minami-Senzoku, Ota-ku, Tokyo
・Tabelog Best Ramen 2014 Award
Takumen’s Ramen of the Year 2014 -Rookie of the Year Award


Started Franchising

・Mizonokuchi shop, the first franchise store, opened.
・TRY Ramen of the Year 2015 -Non soup category No.2
Takumen’s Ramen of the Year 2015 -New Genre No.1


Achieved 10 shops in Japan

・Achieved 10 Kokoro shops.
・First supervised/planned product launched as cup noodles (Myojo)
・Takumen’s Ramen of the Year 2016 -No event held


First overseas shop opening

・Opened first overseas Grand Indonesia shop(Currently closed due to Covid-19)
・Full-scale launch of central kitchen
Takumen’s Ramen of the Year 2017 -New Genre No.2


Expansion into North America

・Opened the first Downtown(Vancouver) shop in North America
・Opened the first shop in Singapore at Suntec City
Takumen’s Ramen of the Year 2018 -Non soup category No.2


Established as the spark for the Mazesoba Boom

・Achieved a total of 30 shops in Japan and overseas
・Opened first shop in the Philippines at Uptown Mall
Takumen’s Ramen of the Year 2019 -Non soup category No.1


Launched multiple shops in various countries

・Began opening multiple shops, including 4 in Canada and 3 in Singapore
・Achieved 30 total shops openings in Japan
Takumen’s Ramen of the Year 2020 -Non soup category No.1


The 1st shop is regrettably relocated

・The 1st shop relocated due to demolition
Supervised/planned product launch at FamilyMart
・Opened first shop in Hong Kong
Takumen’s Ramen of the Year 2021 -Mazesoba Grand Prix & Mazesoba category No.1


Mazesoba has established a genre


Over 50 stores in Japan and abroad

・Achieved 40 stores in Japan, becoming a chain of more than 50 stores in Japan and abroad
・Central kitchen relocated to additional floor space
Takumen’s Ramen of the Year 2023 -Mazesoba category No.2


10th Anniversary

・A new topping “Demon” Spicy Sauce started in Japan